iNav Configurator for Linux and others


Here are recent versions of the inav configurator for 32 and 64 bit intel platforms (the 64 bit version may or may not be more recent than than on the official site), as well as couple of files to make the Linux experience a bit more useful. The extras include the icon image and an example XDG desktop file needed for a desktop launcher.

Note: These are ia32 / x86_64 architectures only. They will not work on other hardware platforms such as ARM, MIPS, PPC etc.

Note: This version includes Bing Maps as a option (you need your own API key). Select the map renderer (and enter the API key) from the 'gear' button (top right).

If you're also looking for iNav developement firmware, you can find contemporary hex files for popular FC at

Configurator apps last updated 2019-01-22 (git commit 01d16168). Supports 2.1 and DSHOT (and new scary warnings).


  1. Download the required Zip file, either as below (32 and 64 bit) or from the official site.

    Note 1.9.4 is provided here as it will work with iNav versions prior to 2.0 (e.g. old style mixers, even on F1 processors). You only need this for firmware prior to 2.0.0

    The instructions that follow are for Linux only.

  2. Download the icon and desktop file as below:

  3. Unzip into the /tmp/ directory unzip -d /tmp/

  4. As one off, create a home for the files (this follows the convention used by the betaflight debian package).

    sudo mkdir /opt/inav
    sudo chown $USER /opt/inav # optional, for convenience
  5. As a one off, create a directory for the icon and move the image file.

    mkdir /opt/inav/images
    mv inav_icon_128.png /opt/inav/images/
  6. As a one off, move the desktop file into your local applications directory (or the global one)

    mv inav-configurator.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/
    # or
    sudo mv inav-configurator.desktop /usr/share/applications/
  7. Move the unzipped files into a sanely named directory mv /tmp/INAV\ Configurator /opt/inav/inav-configurator

  8. You can now lauch the standalone configurator /opt/inav/inav-configurator/inav-configurator You can add a desktop launcher using the facilities of your desktop environment: e.g.

    • Gnome Shell : 'Add to Favourites'
    • Budgie / Plank : 'Keep in Dock'

    The desktop files assume you're using the same directory structure as above (/opt/inav/inav-configurator).

  9. In order to upgrade to a later version

    • Remove the configurator directory rm -rf /opt/inav/inav-configurator
    • Repeat steps 1, 3 and 7.