iNav 2.1 : Current inav-development from 2019-01-20 (bfba2c5f7).

This site offers a subset of firmware from the iNav development branch. The firmware is provided as gzip compressed hex files.

# version
# INAV/QUARKVISION 2.1.0 Jan 20 2019 / 09:26:43 (bfba2c5f7)
# GCC-8.2.0

If you'd like other targets to be built, please ask in RCG or the iNav Slack.

Feedback is solicited One purpose of making this development firmware widely available is to increase the test exposure before formal release. If you fly this firmware, please report your experiences (RGC, Slack, github)

Please note that the dev firmware includes enhanced MR braking (not to be confused with breaking). Please see the setup documentation if you want to test the enhanced braking mode. Note that the firmware here is later and contains additional features than that listed with the enhanced braking documentation.

DSHOT is also provided (for enabled targets) in the development hex. Tested (by me) on DSHOT600 (Spedix25A, MatekF405).

Also included is the new GPS initialisation / handling. Running the GPS at 115200 baud is recommended (and is now the default) to minimise latency.

The following targets are currently DSHOT enabled:

Development Hex Files

Hex DSHOT Uncompressed hex md5sum
inav_2.1.0_AIRBOTF4.hex Y 8f6762d7cb8177cb82779fe9f2519158
inav_2.1.0_ASGARD32F7.hex Y edf1c17ee131d38702fddbd0d3fd4da8
inav_2.1.0_FF_F35_LIGHTNING.hex dfa66fb7ed5f5201f6e7cdb83c92f73f
inav_2.1.0_KAKUTEF7.hex 07f2cde14416cd3c59c42cc65f4225d5
inav_2.1.0_MATEKF405.hex Y 6755e4ca7630bbe109d1ae2e9facd3f6
inav_2.1.0_MATEKF405SE.hex Y 4cf6934a70b0108485cf3278680b5480
inav_2.1.0_MATEKF405_SERVOS6.hex Y 7fc82fd4e5e50af95a607281b4c89c03
inav_2.1.0_MATEKF411.hex c93cdafef8e975ae15fe48304bfcfbff
inav_2.1.0_MATEKF722.hex Y ef8d19e62c077f7b88cc8fa22317199c
inav_2.1.0_MATEKF722SE.hex Y 2f51d45a51145e0fd9d4a2165bee67be
inav_2.1.0_MATEKF722_HEXSERVO.hex Y c1ec06f502a65b688a3069b67c8e51f9
inav_2.1.0_OMNIBUS.hex 298399bf0770dcd11863e37668569567
inav_2.1.0_OMNIBUSF4.hex Y 93673172807a693fb9a08527d9e26254
inav_2.1.0_OMNIBUSF4PRO.hex Y 73aa4d844cfa04dce2e46ce6b36123b9
inav_2.1.0_OMNIBUSF4V3.hex Y 343e03df7eb00cb00ad6ba974320249b
inav_2.1.0_SPEEDYBEEF4.hex ca335cbebe32da2f8934a9752466b348
inav_2.1.0_SPRACINGF3.hex 08c72b4cecf70bbb77ef1ced56978841

Note: The hex files are gzipped. You need to decompress the downloaded file, e.g.

$ ls

$ gunzip inav_2.1.0_MATEKF405.hex.gz
## now we have
$ ls

On Windows, you can probably use 7zip or a similar achiver.

The md5sum values are for the uncompressed HEX file.

DSHOT / iNav 2.1 is supported in Configurator master as of 2019-01-02 (git commit 825f861a5). Comtemporary master Linux configurator archives are available, otherwise use the CLI or offical configurators. Regardless of the repository name, there is a Windows binary there too, which may be later than the official release.

E&OE. These files are provided by Jonathan Hudson (aka @stronnag) as is NO WARRANTY.